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Case Study

Check Check Cin

Oursky worked with Cinci EC to refine her idea of bringing her brand of health and wellness into the digital space.

CheckCheckCin App in action on a mobile phone on a gray-coloured surface with CheckCheckCin Logo on the left
The Need: Holistic Chinese medicine delivered via cutting-edge mobile app technology

Cinci Leung (Cinci EC), a registered Chinese medicine practitioner based in Hong Kong, wanted to expand her appointment-only setup into a full service. She envisioned an app — CheckCheckCin — that brings her various services together into an on-demand, personalized, and informative app that her patients and the public can turn to. She wasn’t looking for just an app development vendor. Cinci EC wanted a partner that can give honest feedback — if technology allowed for her ideas, if the app can be accessible to everyday users, among others.

Oursky’s Strategy: Create an app that delivers unmatched personalized value to users

Oursky worked to bring Cinci’s idea to life by iteratively designing an app with features that deliver her core value propositions: provide relevant and personalized knowledge and recommend food and natural ingredients based on the user’s profile (e.g., body type, age). To make the process more cost-effective, Oursky focused on developing an iOS app. The design phase included user profile questionnaires and multilingual support (Chinese and English). Additional features were added in, including a health diary, a menu assistant, multilanguage search support, and integration with Google Analytics.

The Result: Business growth and renewed partnership

Since the launch of the CheckCheckCin iOS app, Cinci EC’s brand has expanded from one store in Sheung Wan into four shops throughout Hong Kong. The CheckCheckCin app helped Cinci EC promote her approach to traditional Chinese medicine to a wider, more digital-savvy audience. Oursky helped create a coherent roadmap that app designers can easily navigate and extend in the future. After a year of business growth, CheckCheckCin partnered with Oursky again to develop a cross-platform mobile app that will help the company extend its business to e-commerce and online-to-offline (O2O) shopping.

At the time, they helped me formulate a vague idea in my head. Oursky was able to help us translate an initial concept into a mature idea and product.
— Cinci EC, Founder, CheckCheckCin