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Case Study


Oursky partnered with WiFiBB in digitizing and automating business logistics in Hong Kong.

WifiBB app in action on a tablet with WiFiBB Logo on the left with light blue background

The Need: An app that can digitize and automate business operations

WiFiBB is Hong Kong’s largest pocket Wi-Fi rental company. The services WiFiBB offers encompass over 100 countries. They needed a platform to track data usage on devices and a point-of-sale (PoS) iPad-based application to optimize inventory control and operations of its staff. Oursky worked with WiFiBB in creating technical solutions to their challenges in logistics and operations.

Oursky’s Strategy: Create an end-to-end solution to automate business processes

Oursky collaborated with WiFiBB’s in-house development and operations teams to build an iOS app. We conducted user interviews and usability testing to create a product that would be simple to use for both customers and the company staff.

The internal iPad PoS system was designed to have a user interface and user experience that WiFiBB’s staff can quickly adopt without training. The consumer-grade app interface helps the staff manage their daily operations, including scanning inventory QR codes to track company stock and logging usage breakdowns.

We also developed the backend server that automatically tracks data usage, including logging exceeded usage and incurred data speed restrictions or charges. Throughout the years, Oursky worked on various parts of WifiBB’s digitization of its business processes, including a payment gateway, B2B customer inventory management, and product web portals. We developed these products by working with WifiBB’s existing backend created by a third-party vendor. For this project, we used JavaScript for web and Objective-C for iOS.

The Result: Digital transformation through an intuitive application

The app’s inventory control helped digitize and automate the company’s previously manual operations. This significantly reduced the number of incidents where they had insufficient stock for their customers. The consolidated inventory information helped WifiBB better predict the requirements for its various branches throughout Hong Kong, and ultimately, further expand its B2B and B2C services.