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Creating digital experiences and transforming businesses

We are a team of over 50 geeky folks who are passionate about creating world-class products. Over the past ten years, we have been working with individuals and businesses of all sizes to build quality digital products and experiences.

We care about code

Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program, said Linus Torvalds. We love coding and we code beautifully.

We believe in UX

User experience is one of the most important aspects in an app, we take it seriously with solid research and metrics to find out what is best for users.

We do analytics

We use a data-driven approach to help determine what product features we shall work on, which design works better to convert users, and make decision.

We help create a seamless digital experience

Oursky isn't just another app design and development agency. We are passionate digital craftsmen and craftswomen who continuously build and reinvent quality products, and create seamless and immersive digital experiences.

In order to deliver on our promise, we recognize the need to lay the right groundwork: People have to feel at home, bring their best selves to work, and take complete ownership of their projects. We don't just believe it — our company is fueled by the uniqueness and diversity as well as excellence of our team members. We believe in creating digital products that solve real-life problems, cater to users, and help communities across the world. And yes, we also believe that having office cats, coffee, ping pong tables, whisky — and whatever else that will make our team members feel at home — will help us do that.

All of our founders are technical powerhouses, and we have team members who have moved on to — or returned from — top-tier Silicon Valley companies such as Facebook, Apple, and Amazon. We contribute to open-source projects and share our technical experience. We consistently score 12 out of 12 on the Joel Test for better coding, which means our web and mobile development process includes source control, continuous builds, detailed issue tracking, a QA team, a strict interview process, and code reviews by peers and tech leads.

Oursky’s Leadership Team

Ben Cheng

Oursky's chief firefighter and dreamer. Ben was coder and snack exterminator in the company's earlier days. He envisioned Oursky to be a developer utopia where geeks could experiment with the latest technologies and strike a work-life balance. Ben is also passionate about Creative Commons, open data, privacy, and security. He can be found at home watching movies or playing basketball.

Rick Mak

Oursky's chief bug fixer, space catcher, and hobbyist runner. Rick loves tea, coffee, the company's handmade whisky bar, and anything that reflects great craftsmanship. He takes it upon himself to reject pull requests that are less than gorgeous. One of his favourite quotes is from The Pragmatic Programmer: “Don't leave ‘broken windows’ (bad designs, wrong decisions, or poor code) unrepaired.” Learn about his thought process in using the Redux design pattern.

Roy Yuen

Oursky’s lead project manager, he is the mastermind behind the company's project management and quality control processes. Roy has two cats and is a Starcraft and Age of Empires fan. He loves Netflix dramas. Check out how he improves project management processes by testing approaches like evidence-based scheduling (EBS) to create better project estimates.

Carmen Lau

Carmen often mentors junior developers in Oursky. She believes that teamwork makes everything possible and that genuine interest is the best teacher. Her advice: “Write readable code — not only for others, but also for the future you.” Read her thoughts about why designers and programmers have to make quality commits.

Rocky Chan

Starcraft gamer lured out of retirement by the Nintendo Switch. Father and chief assistant to his daughter. On weekends, Rocky can often be found hanging out with her in parks. He often thinks it's better to read React Native source code rather than documentation files.

Frank Lam

Oursky's lead designer. Frank likes to build things, not only with Sketch and Atomic but also with hammers and nails. He loves music, playing with code, and experimenting with random cool stuff. He also shares his experiences and thoughts on Oursky's design process.


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