Bringing your ideas to life

We craft digital products that users love, from conception to launch


We've built award-winning iOS and Android apps that transform businesses, won multiple "Best of the Year" honors from the Apple App Store, and used by millions of users worldwide.

Our tech team excels in native app development using Swift and Kotlin, and cross-platform development with React Native, Flutter, and Ionic.

Plus, we're skilled at integrating apps with IoT devices via Bluetooth or other protocols.

We've guided many enterprises in modernizing their apps and infrastructure, migrate to microservices. This includes advice on security, handling big user numbers, and keeping everything running smoothly.

We've also supported startups in growing from MVP to managing over 10k+ req/sec, optimizing the job queues and database.

Every project at Oursky gets a full setup for CI/CD pipeline, deploy on k8s, and monitor code quality via linter or metrics such as Cognitive Complexity.

We create a wide range of Machine Learning solutions for our clients.

From experimental projects where we train ML models and replicate results from research papers for trading funds, to fine-tuning Large Language Models for retail and finance companies.

We also guide our clients on integrating ML/AI into their operations. This includes figuring out the best balance between accuracy and recall for different business situations, and advising on the right time to start using ML tools like Kubeflow.

Code quality

Our dedication to code quality is evident in our workflow: every Pull Request is rigorously reviewed, and we use linters to monitor essential metrics like Cognitive Complexity.

We've even open-sourced our cognitive complexity tool for Flutter, contributing to the wider dev community.

Agile development

With more than a decade of agile software development under our belt, we're seasoned in designing, building, and delivering projects punctually.

At Oursky, we offer the agility to adjust priorities and resources based on actual user feedback, empowering you to meet your goals with precision.

Active communication

We're convinced that the key to successful software development lies in solid partnerships and transparent communication.

Right from the start, we collaborate closely with our clients to grasp their needs and priorities. By offering regular updates and actively seeking feedback, we make sure we're aligned with your vision at every phase.

Quality assurance

We excel across the board, from unit and integration testing to simulating usage spikes with load tests. Our QA team is skilled in tailoring their approach to each project, offering both manual and automated regression testing.

Check out how our QA team leverages ChatGPT to accelerate test case creation!

UI/UX Design

User experience (UX) shapes the interaction between your business and your customers.

Our design methodology dives deep into knowing your audience, exploring user preferences, digital habits, and behaviors to outline user journeys, and to craft user personas and scenarios.

We go beyond just sketching out UX flows and architectures; we also guide you through the technology options for your project, considering their pros and cons, to foresee and eliminate any development hurdles.

User-centric design

We adopt iterative development to build and launch products, prioritizing key features to enhance user experience and accelerate businesses' time to market.

Usability testing

We're seasoned in conducting usability testing sessions with our clients, whether it's in a physical test lab or remotely through platforms like UserTesting.com, and we truly enjoy it.
We've even open-sourced our cognitive complexity tool for Flutter, contributing to the wider dev community.

Lean startup

We recognize the challenges of introducing a new product or service. That's why we champion the MVP approach, enabling you to debut your idea with minimal risk and investment.

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