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Product Development

Our Team Delivers Professional Product

Oursky Development Team has refined our product development process through decades of practice. We can help you validate your concepts and quickly build software that creates incredible customer experiences.

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Software across Platforms

We help our clients to transform their business and presence on any modern devices and platforms: Web, iOS, Android, Cloud and more

Dedicated Agile Teams

Scalable and the best software engineers, product owners, scrum master, quality assurance engineers and designers, 100% focus on your project, to deliver high quality product

Our Process

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Agile Development

Plans never keeps up with changes. Building apps using Agile development gives you the flexibility to revisit and adjust development plans according to real user feedback. With 10+ years of agile development experience, our development team is here to help you prioritise user stories and manage your digital product.

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At Oursky, the end user is at the forefront of our design process. We don’t just work with a list of cold requirements — we help at every step, from user stories, wireframes, and user flows to mockups. Our process is deeply integrated with user journeys and ensuring your customers get the most out of your app.

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Lean & iterative

Here at Oursky, we embrace the the iterative approach. We focus on working features that are most relevant to users instead of shooting randomly in the dark. We will work with you to build your app one step at a time to validate the assumptions about users.


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Together we build great product

Product Backlog
Domain Knowledge
Business Development
Feature Requests
Product Design


Expert in Programming

We have the best development team in town. Every year, we only do 1-2 hires out of 300 applicants. Our developers write every line of codes with quality and maintainability in mind. We encourage our developers to experiment with new tech and share experiences regularly with peers in weekly sharing and on Oursky code blog.


Deliver Great User Experiences

We design with technical considerations in mind. We help you reach your business goals by laying an architectural foundation in addition to the visual identity. As a development-driven company, every feature and detail we include factors in your user's needs and the technologies used for development. Once we've finalised your designs, development can begin.

Project Management

Professional Service

Our product owner is more than a contact point between you and the team. Experienced with digital product development, they are here to guide you throughout the development of the app: identifying the right user personas, planning the roadmap, striking a balance between user experience and technical feasibility and suggesting the right technology.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring Best Quality

The QA team plays an important role in ensuring the quality of the app. Led by our QA managers, we have 50+ crowdsource testers who are always ready to conduct exploratory tests or scripted tests when a new test build is out. Issues are ranked according to their critical level, helping product managers to prioritise tasks.

What We Do

iOS App Development

Whether for an iPhone, iPad, or even Apple Watch, Oursky can help you deliver the best digital experience to the iOS platform. We use the latest iOS-specific technologies and programming languages such as MLCore, ARKit, and Vision APIs as well as Swift and Objective-C to transform your ideas into award-winning apps. Learn more through one of our success stories, Edwenergy.

Android App Development

Oursky’s mobile app development covers the entire development lifecycle, from conceptualization and design to distribution. Our agile methodologies and in-house talent and QA teams enable us to deliver end-to-end apps encompassing a range of Android devices and technologies such as Kotlin and Java.

Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform apps help reduce development costs while increasing time-to-market. Oursky’s team uses popular technologies and frameworks like Flutter, React Native, and Ionic to deliver similar amazing features as native mobile apps. We have proven expertise in creating apps that can engage your target audience across both iOS and Android platforms.

Responsive Web-based Application

We use the most sophisticated JavaScript libraries (React, Vue, Angular) to rapidly develop responsive desktop and mobile web-based applications with minimal load time and efficient workflow for users.


Key technology expertise

IoT Development

Most connected hardware and internet-of-things (IoT) products communicate with mobile devices via Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, and ultrasound. Our team has the expertise in integrating these protocols in applications. See how we made a cooking thermometer connected — and smarter.

Security with DevOps

Our DevSecOps philosophy allows us to bake security early into the development lifecycle. We build digital products that comply to the standards of the EU General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), and Payment Card Industry (PCI-DSS), among others.

Payment Gateways

The Payment feature is a cornerstone of online commerce. We have solid experience in designing user-friendly checkout flows and integrating major payment gateways.

In a project we worked with the largest car park management company in Hong Kong to integrate 8+ payment gateways in the app.

Machine Learning

We have developed and apply various ML model to solve business problems, such as predicting NBA game result, image / object recognition, optimizing recommendation engine, or predict retail stores cannibalization.

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Getting Engaged

Together we understand your goal and ideas, then we develop the user flow, wireframe, high fidelity mockups and clickable prototype for your web / mobile app.

Our Project Manager prepare weekly builds and reports, so your users can try the app earlier, you can track our progress better, and we can get your feedback faster.

We work with Iterations

As the app start to take shape, we expect scope and features need to be changed. We don’t want you to get bounded by a fixed scope and build features end up not necessary.

You own the code and the git repository — that meant you have the complete commit logs and history of how the code build up day-to-day.